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Research Projects

We are mainly focusing of the physiology and pathology of the retina and choroid. Our research includes  vascular biology, neurobiology, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and stem cell biology.

  • YH Yoon's Projects

    • Restoration of lysosomal acidification as a treatment target for dry AMD: Modulation of zinc and phosphodiesterase.​

    • Investigation about the mechanism of and treatment for tamoxifen-induced maculopathy with focus on Müller cells

    • Modulation of zinc as a target for the development of treatment strategies for retinal cell death in retinal detachment 

  • JY Lee's Projects

    • Development of 3D soft implant tissues with hypo-immunogenicity

    • Study on ocular control mechanisms modulated by expression of protein for the development of new therapeutics for uveitis

    • Pilot Study on the Effect of Gene Therapy in Retinitis Pigmentosa Animal Model

    • Computational polarization microscopy for large-area high-resolution retinal birefringence imaging in vivo

  • J Lee's Projects

    • Physiological significance of pericytes in the maintenance of choroidal blood vessels. 

    • Physical and chemical property of retinal blood vessels reflecting systemic disease.

    • Early treatment for diabetic retinopathy by regulating pericytes.

    • Distinctive roles of pericytes and smooth muscle cells  in the choroid.

    • Endothelial ultrastructure and its functional significance in the choroidal blood vessels.

    • Organotypic regulation of vascular ultrastructure by endothelial PLVAP.

    • Therapeutic approach for AMD by preserving healthy choroid and RPE.

    • Exsomal small RNA profiling for vision-threatening retinal diseases.

    • Potential therapeutic effect of DX2 on AMD.

  • YJ Kim's Projects

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    • b

    • c

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